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The Magical Playlist

How to Quickly Quiet Your Mind

Category: Occasional: These are practices suggested for "every once in a while." Some of them are responses to a particular need that may arise; others are simply enriching occasional enhancements to the spiritual life. All of them are worth a try at least once. And any of them might become a regular and central part of your spiritual practice.
“Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.” (William Congreve)

While we all want to experience a deeper peace in our lives, many of us are unwilling to commit to practice a spiritual discipline. Meditation is powerful, yet there are quicker ways to get some of the benefit. The Magical Playlist helps people let go of their worries, and melt into the serenity of their heart and soul.

The Magical Playlist is simply an assortment of your favorite, most heart-oriented and meaningful songs conveniently placed on one playlist on your digital music player or smartphone. By having a playlist (or two) of all your favorite songs, you can easily have access to deep feelings of love and peace. Your personal favorite songs have the ability to move you into your heart, uplift your spirit, and help you feel a depth of peace.

In my own case, I originally created two magical playlists. On one are all my favorite instrumental songs. I use this playlist whenever I don't want to have to engage my mind in listening to lyrics. It's amazing how, after hearing just one of these songs, I enter into a totally different mood. On my second playlist, I have all my favorite heart-oriented songs with lyrics I particularly like. Often, I'll listen to one of these songs whenever I desire to to feel peaceful inside, or as a way to get me in the mood for meditation.

A man named Frank came to see me complaining of marital difficulties. As he entered my office, it was clear that he was very tense. He told me that his spouse was fed up with him because of how stressed he was from his job as an air traffic controller. When he went home each evening, he'd spend the first three hours in front of the tube -- just trying to unwind from his job. By the time he started to feel a bit relaxed and sociable, his wife was ready to go to bed. After asking him some questions, I learned that he enjoyed classical music. I suggested he make a playlist of his favorite classical works, and listen to a couple of songs in his car before entering his house each evening. When he returned to my office the following week, he told me that his wife reported, "You've become a new man." Apparently, ten minutes of classical music helped Frank unwind more effectively than hours of TV. By the time he walked into his house each night, Frank was relaxed, refreshed, and emotionally available for his wife.

For many people, music is an easy and amazingly effective way to become centered. I have coached many of my clients to carefully choose the type of music to play before key events in their life. Before an important presentation, they might choose a favorite rock 'n' roll song. Before a romantic night on the town with their mate, they may choose a favorite love song. Before a time of meditation or prayer, they may choose some New Age or quiet piano music. By knowing what mood you'd like to get into, and choosing an appropriate piece of music to assist in that process, many people find they can successfully manage their moods much more effectively than ever before.

Of all the possessions I own, the music I carry in my iPhone is most treasured. By listening to these songs, I have almost immediate access to any feeling I want -- with no additional cost and no known side effects. In making the playlists, I looked through all the songs I own, and carefully selected the ones that have always had the most impact on me. Recently, I even created a couple of playlists of my favorite rock 'n' roll songs. It was a fun process.

Over the years, my two original playlists have blossomed into seven: two rock 'n' roll, three heart-oriented, and two musical compositions that help me feel peaceful. At least one time each day, I take a break from my activities and turn to my iPhone, tune into the music, and drop out of my mind's constant concerns. Whenever I meditate, I always listen to at least one song beforehand to help me get quiet inside. Try it -- you'll love it! After your five to ten-minute vacation, your mind will be clearer and your soul more soothed. With hardly any effort at all, you'll find that you're more centered in your heart and better able to handle whatever life throws your way.

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