Days in Place Fauna List

Days in Place Fauna List

Could there have been a more beautiful day with the sun moving in an arc to paint all the colors of the trees?  In one tree, a nearly leave-less tulip tree, we spotted cardinals, house finches, robins, starlings, dark eyed-juncos, and a chickadee, many of them going to town on the seeds that rained down on our heads as we looked up.

Today marked the most species we have ever seen in one day - the place was hopping! 

So tomorrow when you come, look up, look down,  look far, for there is beauty all around you.

3 Grey squirrels (1 was black)
1 Red squirrel

5 Canada goose
2 Red-tailed hawk
1 Gull species
8 Mourning dove
2 Red-bellied woodpecker
1 Hairy woodpecker
1 Northern flicker
1 Pileated woodpecker
2 Blue Jay
3 American crow
1 Fish crow
1 Black-capped chickadee
1 Tufted titmouse
2 White-breasted nuthatch
30 America robin
4 European starling
1 Yellow-rumped warbler
5 Dark-eyed junco
1 White-throated sparrow
3 Northern cardinal
2 Red-winged blackbird
1 Common grackle
120 Blackbird species

13 House finch

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