CUUC Music: Sun Jan 10

Enrique Granados (1867-1916) was one of Spain’s greatest classical composers, pianists, and musical educators. He was preoccupied with the art work of Francisco Goya, the inspiration behind his opera Goyescas. In 1916, Granados and his wife Amparo traveled to New York City to attend the premiere of Goyescas at the Metropolitan Opera. On their return journey to Spain, their boat was torpedoed in the English Channel, and the couple perished at sea. Granados’s lush, hauntingly romantic music will forever be associated with his one fateful journey to the U.S., the centenary of which is commemorated in 2016. Sunday morning’s musical selections feature excerpts from the original solo piano version of the Goyescas as well as pieces from other collections by Granados, including the Valses poéticos and the Escenas románticas. Also, in recognition of the monthly theme of Resistance, American pedagogue Paul Sheftel’s charming “Not Für Elise” suggests what resistance to a hackneyed classic of the piano repertory might sound like….Read on for programming details, and consider attending our next event at Music at CUUC on Sunday, January 31 at 1pm for solo piano, duo-piano, and chamber music by Enrique Granados performed by pianist Jason Cutmore, the Damocles Trio, and CUUC Music Director Adam Kent.
Prelude: Adam Kent, piano
El amor y la muerte from Goyescas
                                                Enrique Granados

Opening Music:
Not Für Elise
                                                Paul Sheftel

Introducción y Vals melódico from Valses poéticos
Mazurka from Escenas románticas

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