CUC Music: Sun Apr 19

This Sunday morning’s musical selections feature classics from the American concert literature, a repertory which often harkens back to an idealized past, or a simpler time. George Gershwin’s perennial Rhapsody in Blue is the Prelude, and charming miniatures from Edward MacDowell’s Woodland Sketches comprise the Offetory. In addition, CUC’s Choir will be on hand to perform moving meditations by Greg Gilpin and Amy Bernon. Read on for programming details.
Prelude:                                    Adam Kent, piano
Rhapsody in Blue                                   
George Gershwin

Anthem: CUC Choir directed by Lisa N. Meyer and accompanied by Georgianna Pappas
What Is Life?                                                             
Greg Gilpin  

“To a Wild Rose” and “From Uncle Remus”
                                    Edward MacDowell

I Am The River                                     
Amy F. Bernon

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