Nominating and Leadership Development Committee

From Cynthia Roberts of CUC's CUC’s Nominating and Leadership Development Committee:

Our Committee is charged with identifying nominees from the members of our congregation for election to the CUC Board of Trustees at our Annual Meeting in June.

CUC has an eleven member Board of Trustees made of 9 regular Trustees who serve a three year term and a Secretary and a Treasurer who each serve a one year term.

This year we have a new process by which nominee suggestions can be submitted.

If there is someone you think would make a great addition to the CUC Board of Trustees, please fill out and submit a Nomination Application Form.

The form requests relevant information, such as a member’s participation at CUC and demonstrated leadership ability. One can self-nominate. The nomination application form is available on our website (CLICK HERE), and from members of the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee.

We encourage you to discuss your suggestions and any questions you might have with any of the six members of the Nominating Committee.

The other members of the Committee are:

-Ray Schmitt
-Joe Magnus
-Erin Foster
-Drew Swiss
-Cynthia Heller

All nomination application forms are due to our mailbox in the church office by January 31.

Thank you for your participation in this important process.

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