The Beauty of the Breeze (Perry's Ponderings)

As I sit in my cleaned out and almost completely-organized office, the most perfect breeze passes through the open door and peacefully awakens my senses. In its wake, I cannot help but pause for a moment to notice the beauty around me, feeling fully alive and connected to the nature outside the door and the life of the congregation within it.

There have been some days this summer when we were in the midst of the cleaning and reorganizing that there was a busyness in the heat, much as you might find on a city sidewalk baking in the sun as it absorbs thousands of footsteps. Then the cooling off happens overnight and we are refreshed by the air, able to see anew what has passed. It is heartwarming to see the imprint of the footsteps at CUC and the fresh air breathing new life into the building.

What has transpired for you this summer? Have your steps quickly traversed those city sidewalks with a destination in mind? Have you found those moments to pause and connect with nature, or loved ones on vacation? Whether a particular conversation gave you pause or the perfect passing breeze held you still, I wonder what has contained significance for you in the changes of the summer season. What will you bring back with you to this community when you return?

We are more than halfway through the summer and coming upon the time when our minds are pulled into thinking about a new school and church year. We savor the time we have before it comes and begin to prepare in motions that will transition us from one mode to the other. I hope the summer activity and slowing down have provided what you needed during this time and the remaining summer weeks bring more of that.

I have been planting seeds in what is new soil for me at CUC and look forward to nurturing more of those growing relationships, so we may have a bountiful fall. I await to hear your stories and prepare for the ones we will be creating together.
Work and nature came together when everything had to come out of the office for the floors to be done.

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