Music: Sun May 28


Music from the stars and planets this morning at CUUC, along with some collaborations from our terrestrial community. Read on for programming details and stay tuned for spoken introductions.

Gathering Music: Adam Kent, piano

From The Planets

            Venus, Bringer of Peace

                                    Gustav Holst


Opening Music: Creighton Cray and Adam Kent, duo pianists

Sonata for Piano Four Hands, in D Major, Op. 6

            II. Rondo: Moderato

                                    Ludwig van Beethoven



"Starlight", Op. 55, No. 4

                                    Edward MacDowell


Offertory: Kim Force and Rev. Meredith, vocals and guitar

"Holy Now"

                                    Steven Mayer


Theme Song from Contact

                                    Alan Sil Vestri



"Sorbetto" from Star-Crossed
                                    Billy Joel

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