Music: Sun Mar 12


The Biryani Boys are Mustafa Bhagat and David Freeman. Their mission is to preserve and promote the Indian classical music tradition and provide safe passage into the contemporary landscape.


Mustafa Bhagat

Mustafa Bhagat is a musician, composer and filmmaker based in New Paltz, NY.
Mustafa plays the sitar in the style of the Vishnupur Gharana under the guidance of Pandit Manilal Nag and Mita Nag of Kolktata, India and Prasanna Kumar of Impal, India.


David Freeman

David Freeman is a percussionist, composer and educator based in Brooklyn. 
David plays the tabla in the Farukkhabad tradition under the guidance of Ustad Shabbir Nisar of Hyderabad, India, and Prasanna Kumar of Impal, India.



Gathering Music: The Biryani Boys, Mustafa Bhaghat, sitar; David Freeman, percussion

Raga Hamsadhwani in Teental


Opening Music:

An Introduction to the Inspiration for Raga music.

Raga Bhimpalasi in Teen Tal



Raga Kafi in Rupak



Raga Kafi in Bhajan



Charukeshi in Chartal ki Sawari



Gujuri Todi in TeenTal



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