Religious Education Sun May 12

Spring is still teasing us, but it is May and with that comes the assurance that warmer weather will soon be here to stay. Our RE classes K-7 started in the sanctuary last Sunday and were the chosen audience for Perry Montrose’s Wonder Box story. There were dinosaurs, fossils, turtles, and the like, which were humorously described in the whimsical and silly poems of Ogden Nash while Adam played accompanying music for each animal. What an innovative, entertaining story for the day! This worship was also our annual Flower Service, where congregants both brought and took home a flower in a gesture of community, friendship, faith, and affirmation of the theme of beauty.

While grades K–3 went to classes, the 4–5 and 6–7 students came to Fellowship Hall for a Social Justice program on recycling. They learned about the Greenhouse effect and different types of recycling. All the students made name tags as the newly dubbed “Eco Experts.” They will be the ambassadors, instructors, and educators for the congregation, especially during brunches and meals. No one will be confused any longer as to what recycle bin to use, with our Eco-Expert team on hand! Go Team Eco and many thanks to Janet Bear and the SJT for putting together a great program!

Perry and I had the opportunity to spend some time in the 2–3 class and talk about the upcoming Affirmation Service on June 9. The students explained in their own words what affirmation meant and they discussed what they wanted as their special treat. When an ice cream station was mentioned, screeches of joy went up, probably heard all the way down to Fellowship Hall. Rosie Rugg said it all with “Oh, my Gaawwwd!” She also made it clear she was partial to Starbucks. My, how times have changed…

We are absolutely delighted to say that the Variety Show was beyond a huge success and transformed CUUC into an electric, exciting forum for all our performers and possible future contestants of America’s Got Talent, or our preference, Unitarians Have Talent. Either way, the bake sale and silent auction certainly pushed us over the top and PrideWorks will be the recipient of approximately $4,000 collected! Even with all that being said, believe it or not there’s more! We are building up to the Special Friends breakfast on June 2, then Affirmation Ceremony, Father’s Day, and our annual barbecue on June 9. And last but not least we will celebrate RE Sunday with its Bridging Ceremony on June 16, the last day of RE before our program goes on summer break. So much to do and so little time, but so much joy, anticipation, and fulfillment is and will be experienced by our students and congregation in large part due to the abiding, consistent, dedication of staff and teachers.

Michele Rinaldi
RE Coordinator

Looking ahead...

RE This Sunday, May 5
Grades K-3 start in Fellowship Hall for Children's Worship, Grades 4-7 start in classes where they will meet Ivan Smith of Coachman Family Centers as part of Social Justice Sunday. Grades 8-12 start in classes. Lyra will be here with music activities.

Faith Development Friday, Fri May 10, 6:15 Pizza & Salad, 7:00 Programs, CUUC
Come for our monthly evening of community and spiritual growth. Programs include Faith Like a River Adult RE, and Family Journey Group for parents and kids. RSVP to cuucevents@gmail.com by 12 noon Fri May 10, so we know how much pizza to order.

College Scholarship Awards
Each year CUUC offers two scholarships in the amount of $250 for our graduating seniors. One scholarship is given in honor of Sylvia Schnall-Pierorazio and the other Rev. Betty Baker, both former CUUC Directors of Religious Education. Please send a short essay on your contributions and leadership at CUUC, with a brief explanation of how the scholarship will be used and the names of two CUUC references to re@cucwp.org by Fri May 31.

Kids and Adults - Remember Your Special Friends Letters!
We have less than month to go in our pen pal program. Our Special Friends reveal breakfast will be in June, and we will provide masquerade costumes to help with the excitement of meeting our secret writing partners. Thanks to all participants for helping our kids and adults get to know one another better and for creating greater community at CUUC!

Healthy Youth Relationships Retreat POSTPONED
The healthy relationships retreat for youth and parents that Westchester UU congregations were planning with Center Lane on May 11, will be rescheduled to a date in fall 2019. Stay tuned!

More Activities for Westchester UU Youth and Families
The Westchester UU congregations have planned activities to strengthening community among Westchester UU youth. Save the dates and register to make the events will happen! Click HERE for more info.
  • Sunday, June 30: NYC Pride March, 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising (multigenerational event)
  • Saturday, July 6: Bowling - By Popular Youth Request! (6th-12th grade youth)
  • Saturday, August 3: Social Youth Gathering (6th-12th grade youth)

Summer programs for youth and young adults are an important way to support young Unitarian Universalists in their faith development and help them discern their life’s calling. Learn more about Thrive Youth, Summer Seminary, Meaning Makers, and other summer programs offered by the UUA office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries. Visit uua.org/young-adults/events.

UU Summer Camps & Retreat Centers for Children, Youth, and Families
Unitarian Universalist retreat centers offer the opportunity to connect with UUs from around the country in fun and fellowship. Whether you are looking for a place to go as a family or somewhere for your kids to experience a fun camp, there are many amazing Unitarian Universalist summer destinations:
  • Ferry Beach is oceanfront in ME. ferrybeach.org
  • The Mountain is atop the Blue Ridge Mountains in NC. mountaincenters.org
  • The Rowe Center is in the Berkshire Mountains in MA. rowecenter.org
  • Sophia Fahs RE Camp is one week in August on Shelter Island. liacuu.org/Fahs
  • Star Island is a 46-acre island off the NH coast. starisland.org
  • Unirondack is in the NY Adirondacks. unirondack.org
  • Murray Grove is a Universalist retreat center nearby in NJ. murraygrove.org
  • UUMAC Retreat is one week in July at DeSales University in PA. uumac.org
  • CERSI is one week in July in Oberlin, OH. cersiuu.or
  • SUUSI is a weeklong multignerational event in North Carolina. suusi.org

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