Religious Education News: Sun Feb 10

Last Sunday was again a remarkable demonstration of the commitment and dedication of this congregation. The Hunger and Homelessness team came to Children’s Worship for the “stuffing” of backpacks. This project was spearheaded by Amy Swiss who did an outstanding job in pricing and purchasing beautiful, quality backpacks. There were at least 70 packs as well all the school items to go into them, a virtual candy store of folders, pencil bags, notebooks, and binders. Amy spoke to the children about the purpose and importance of this charitable project and explained how they would be helping children less fortunate. With all the bags and items laid out on tables, an assembly line of sorts got rolling. The children also drew cards with best wishes and tied them to the backpacks. Thanks to the many volunteers, including Diane Keller, Christine Haran, Liz Suvanto, Janice Silverberg, Hans Elsevier, Laura Sehdeva, Johanna Bauer, and more. These adults guided the students in filling the bags. It was amazing to see children of all ages right down to the toddlers completing their tasks. In the end there was a mountain of packs on a table surrounded by all the children and adults for a well-deserved photo! I couldn’t help but think that we all carry invisible backpacks every day of our lives. Although unseen to the eye, they nonetheless carry something within us. There are heavy packs that feel like a few boulders. Such heaviness is the sorrow, hurts, and grief that we all experience and often have difficulty releasing. Then there are the lightweight, diaphanous packs that literally fly in the air like a flag waving in the breeze. They carry our joy, our love of life, and our inspiration. The packs that in my mind signify all the children, teachers, and congregants are the ones that don’t lie suspended off our backs but instead are woven and intertwined into our very essence and souls. They are not backpacks, but rather mantles of our belief system. They are truly the very fabric of UU principles: caring about others, love and sincerity, and respect for all humanity. Our students’ enthusiasm, joy, and pure innocence in responding to others’ needs was a singular affirmation of all that is worthwhile at CUUC and the RE program.

Michele Rinaldi
RE Coordinator

Variety Show Vote during RE Children's Worship, Sun Feb 10, 10:00am, Fellowship Hall
What organization will win this year's Variety Show donation? This Sunday we decide! All Religious Education students vote during Children's Worship (the 8th-9th grade OWL class will vote in their classroom). So parents, be sure you bring your children to CUUC to cast their ballots! Contact: Liz Suvanto (elizabethsuvanto@hotmail.com).

Seeking Adult Pen Pals
Our Religious Education students are waiting for a few more adults to sign up to be their pen pals for our Special Friends program. We anonymously match students in RE with adults in the congregation to exchange six letters over nine weeks (we have topic guidelines to make it easy). Won't you help? Email RE@cucwp.org.

2019 Variety Show, Sat May 4, 5:00pm
SAVE THE DATE: This year will be our 7th Annual Variety Show (WOW!), always one of the most FUN fundraisers at CUUC. It is also an event where everyone, children to adults, can pitch in and create meaningful ties to a social justice cause. So work on your act and get ready to vote on Sun Feb 10 for which charity we will support this year. HELP WANTED: It really takes a village to run this event, and just like in the past 6 years, the 2019 Variety Show requires all hands on deck. PLEASE help by signing up to be our Bake Sale Director, or Head of Donations, or Pizza Dinner Coordinator. Learn more HERE. Contact Liz Suvanto (elizabethsuvanto@hotmail.com). When the big jobs are filled, the smaller details fall into place and the fun can begin!

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