Music: Sun Jan 13

CUUC Choir pianist Georgianna Pappas provides music from classical and popular traditions, treating us to her vocal accomplishments as well during the Interlude. Kim Force also offers a moving selection by Joni Mitchell. Read on for programming details.

Centering Music: Georgianna Pappas, piano
Prelude in C Major, W.T.C.  Book 2
Prelude in C Minor, W.T.C.  Book 1
Prelude in E-flat Major, W.T.C.  Book 2
Prelude in E Major, W.T.C.  Book 2
                                                            J. S. Bach

Opening Music:
Prelude in C Major, W.T.C.  Book 1
                                                            J. S. Bach
Offertory: Kim Force, vocals
“Both Sides Now”                 
Joni Mitchell
“My Dear Acquaintance”                
Lyrics by Peggy Lee, Music by Paul Horner

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