Religious Education News: Sun Dec 23

A No-Rehearsal Christmas Pageant… who would have ever thought? Well it happened here last Sunday and believe me, Radio City has nothing on us! With some uncertainty I took my place in reading the script, not sure what was going to unfold. There were a multitude of Marys and Josephs, not to mention an exemplary number of angels. Shepherds came forward but didn’t leave their flock behind. Oh yes, we had sheep and horses and goats and let us not forget a few baby Jesuses. Rounding out our ensemble were an impressive number of Magi going for the gold - gold crowns that is! Seeing all the children, youth, and adults enjoying themselves was contagious. The sanctuary was filled to the brim with smiles and laughter, voices raised to the heavens in song, and genuine celebration. Being part of the whimsy and magic as well as observing, I had an epiphany of how a special message transcended the reenactment of the birth of baby Jesus that we constructed. We were honoring the day that this man came into this world. There is no need to examine opinions on the concept of deity, but instead just to remember how he lived his life, in very much the same way congregants of CUUC seek to do. Christmas is not the gifts, the flurry of activities and parties, but really -- to some people’s disbelief -- simplicity. Jesus was a simple man, fearless and brave. He stood by his personal convictions and talked about love, and peace, and honoring one another. He turned no one away, but instead embraced a diversity of people. He fought for the oppressed and taught mercy. He embodied and embraced all the virtues that Unitarian Universalists value 365 days of the year. With this thought in mind, I say thank you for the gift of community that you have generously extended to me. I wish for everyone a sense of purpose and gentleness and most of all, love and serenity this season and throughout the New Year. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Michele Rinaldi
Religious Education Coordinator

Looking ahead...

This Sunday in RE, Dec. 23
All ages in Fellowship Hall for Fun Sunday activities, including music with Lyra Harada, our Children's Music Director.

Help Decorate our Mitten Tree
Bring warmth to the men, women, and children in local shelters. Donate mittens, gloves, scarves, and hats for all ages.

Mon Dec 24, Christmas Eve Service, 5:30 pm
All ages are welcome to attend the Christmas Eve Service. childcare is available for those who need it.

Sun Dec 30
There is no RE on Sun Dec 30 but childcare will be available.

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