From the Minister, Fri Aug 31

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Practice of the Week: Relax Anxiety about Imperfection / We get uneasy, nervous, troubled, stressed about imperfection itself, rather than recognizing it as normal. Instead of dealing with conditions as they are and just handling them, we get caught up in worrying about what they mean, grumbling, feeling deflated, becoming opinionated and judgmental, blaming ourselves and others. The alternative: let the broken cup be a broken cup without adding judgment, resistance, blaming, or worry to it. READ MORE.
Your Moment of Zen: The Fun Way / Next evening, Porcupine said, "I think I speak for everyone in suggesting that we invite Grandma to our meetings. She's quite wise, it seems." Raven saw many heads nodding. The next day she flew over to Vinecot and found Grandma weeding her garden. "We'd like to invite you to come to our meetings," she said. Grandma said, "It's much more fun this way." Raven said, "Might have known." READ MORE
Zen at CUUC: Sat Sep 1

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