From the Minister, May 11

I’m glad to see that men who have abused or sexually harassed women are at last beginning to face punishment. Misogynist attitudes permeate our culture at all levels, though, and toppling a few at the top, while a necessary step to set a new tone of unacceptability of harassment and abuse, will need to be accompanied by broad-based attention to how our boys and girls are raised.

Yes, testosterone does make a difference. Raising or lowering anybody’s testosterone level, male or female, has affects on mood and on what gets attention and doesn't. We still have a lot to learn about its effects, but indications at this point seem to show that testosterone increases concern with one’s status. Studies, however, “refute the preconception that testosterone causes aggressive, egocentric, and risky behavior.” Testosterone “can encourage fair behaviors if this serves to ensure one's own status.” (Science Daily, 2009 Dec 9)

The toxic masculinity that has for too long been actively promoted by some and tacitly permitted by others, is not the fault of testosterone. It's the fault of an ideology of masculinity that encourages boys to be dominate. I am convinced that, indeed, dominance is the one evil at the root of all social ills. The rise of agriculture 12,000 years ago gave rise to a dominant class and put us all in service to whatever was hierarchically above us. (I write of this in more detail in two posts HERE and HERE.)

The task of replacing domination with compassion and empathy will not be easy. Domination, vicious as it is, has persisted because in some sense it has "worked": it has allowed individuals, particularly males, to get ahead. We are up against entrenched toxic masculinity: deep patterns that train boys to be dominant. Misogyny, homophobia, sexual assault, domestic violence, and sexual harassment are all about establishing and expressing dominance.

Toxic, dominant masculinity stifles emotional expression as incompatible with domination. Thus, boys taught to dominate become emotionally stunted men: damaged people inflicting damage on others.

Male concern with status has historically manifested as an interest in "honor." Honor may be too old-fashioned to be revived as a significant influence on culture today, but its opposite, shame, is as powerful as ever. Rape culture will end when men -- much closer to universally than at present -- understand sexual aggression as shameful.

Whether the influence of boys' testosterone is channeled into aggression and dominance or into, say, fighting for social justice, is up to us. I believe that a society that expects and rewards its boys to be strong in pro-social ways – a society that won’t tolerate sexual aggression -- can get what it expects.

Western culture has been lousy at teaching boys what to do with the energies and interests that testosterone nudges upward. The #MeToo movement is helping dismantle the structures that for so long have rewarded aggressive dominance. That’s a very positive development for the prospects of happier, healthier, more complete men.

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