From the Minister, Sun Apr 15

Coupla things:

First, we have an extra-special Earth Day service on Apr 22. It's a joint service bringing together at CUUC all five of the Westchester UU congregations (Hastings, Croton, Mt. Kisco, Mohegan Lake, and us!) All five ministers will have roles, and a combined choir will sing. I'm very excited!

Second, I'm looking for a person or two who has some expertise in Parliamentary Procedure -- Robert's Rules or alternative. A subcommittee of our Board is exploring options for rules of procedure. Can you help?

Glad to see April finally beginning to warm up a little bit!

In love,

In case you missed it . . .

Here's a small part of the Apr 8 Passover Seder service:

The Liberal Pulpit. The Liberal Pulpit is a YouTube Channel HERE! Videos include the sermons starting on Feb 25.

Index of past sermons: HERE. Index of other reflections: HERE.

Practice of the Week. Ecospiritual #5: Cogs in the Machine. Too many negative headlines about the environment can cause people to disengage from the debate altogether, believing that it is entirely beyond our control and influence. However, despite the risk of disengagement on the part of some, the first step toward recovering from our collective addiction to consumptive and polluting culture is recognition of the extent of our powerlessness.

Your Moment of Zen. Ordinary Morality. Porcupine came by one day looking troubled. Raven called down to her from the tall spruce. "What's up, Porcupine?" Porcupine said, "I'm hearing rumors from my old friends that Coyote Roshi is violating even ordinary morality." Raven flew down to her side and said, "She has this urge to prey on newborn lambs." READ MORE...

Zen Practice at CUUC: Sat Apr 14

Minister's Tuesday Coffee Chat. I'm at a coffee shop (almost) every Tuesday from 3-5pm. I invite you to drop by and chat.
Apr: Barnes and Noble Cafe, Vernon Hills Shopping Center, Eastchester
May: Red Mango, 1924 Palmer Ave, Larchmont. (A departure from coffee -- let's try a fruit smoothie!)

  • The two Common Reads for 2017-18: HERE.
  • Of particular note, regarding Centering: See recommended reading HERE.
  • On the Journey, April: Faith. HERE.
  • Sun Apr 29. A SPECIAL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING HAS BEEN CALLED to vote on the proposal that Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation takes the following Position on Escalating Economic Inequity . . . read the position HERE -- it's about a 10-minute read.

    This Week's e-Communitarian

    R.E. News: Apr 8

    Music: Apr 8

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