CUUC music: Sun Nov 8

Franz Schubert’s music complements November’s theme of Hospitality by virtue of the performance environment for which it was conceived. Schubert’s piano works were not destined for the public stage, but for intimate gatherings of the composer’s artistic friends known as Schubertiades. The Six “Moments Musicaux” and the two collections of Impromptus all date from Schubert’s final year. Read on for programming details.
Prelude: Adam Kent, piano
Impromptu in c minor, Op. 90, No. 1
                                                Franz Schubert

Opening Music:
Moment Musical in f minor, Op. 94, No. 3
Moment Musical in Ab Major, Op. 94, No. 2

Moment Musical in C Major, Op. 94, No. 1

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