Embrace Wonder

Practice of the Week
Embrace Wonder

For the practice of the week this week, select one of these four practices for embracing wonder. Three of the four (A, B, and D) and journaling exercises. One of them (C) involves action.

Option A: Journaling Your Ordinary Wonder

What seemingly simple thing sustains your sense of reverence right now? What ordinary object or relationship reminds you of life’s preciousness? What is currently helping you not take things for granted? Or even, what keeps you curious and engaged? Perhaps this is an easy question for you. If not, reflect on why and take some time to reconnect with the source of ordinary wonder that is surely right under your nose. Either way your task is straight-forward: select an object or story that testifies to ordinary, everyday life as a source of wonder. Write about it in your journal, describing the ordinariness and the wonderfulness -- and explaining why this wonderful thing sitting in the center of your ordinary life makes everything not feel so ordinary.

Option B: Who’s Been Wonderful Lately?

We say it with a huge smile: “I love it when people surprise me!” The jerk at the office who, out of nowhere, is the one most kind. The nervous and cautious child of yours who unexpectedly turns brave. The self-sacrificing friend who finally stands up for herself. All of them leave us in wonder at what people are capable of -- at what we are capable of. This assignment challenges you to find at least 2 “wonder folk” -- two people who surprise you, two people who remind you why it’s important to never write people off. Then write in your journal the story of your two wonderful folk -- and also why you needed this wonderful reminder.

Option C: I Wonder What Would Happen If I . . . .

All of us regularly find ourselves asking, “I wonder what would happen if I…” If you are sick of asking and finally want to move from wondering to action, then consider this just the prod you need to go for it. First, identify: what is it you’ve been wondering about for far too long? Second, take a step. Decide on one thing you are going to do to live into that curiosity rather than just make guesses about it -- then do it.

Option D: Do You Prefer Child-Like Wonder or Adult-Like Wonder?

Of course there’s no need to pick. Truth is we prefer one type or the other depending on what we need most right now. With that awareness front and center, reflect on these questions in your journal: What type of wonder are you most in need of right now? Identify one small way to meet that need. Prepare for your reflection by reading Gretchen Rubin's blog about child-like wonder and adult-like wonder. (CLICK HERE.)

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