RE Volunteers 2014-2015

Thank you to all the parents and other adults who supported our RE ministry with snacks, substituting, rides, classroom visits, and everything you did to offer a helping hand.

Here is the list of teachers and those involved in significant RE projects:

Nursery & Pre-K
Hans Elsevier
Diane Keller
Michelle Reichman
Sahalie Sullivan
Jade Swiss

K-1st Grade: A Discovery Year
Josie Blatt
Joni Ehrlich
Maria Prieto
Janice Silverberg
Lex Suvanto

2nd-3rd Grade: Free to Believe
Monica Bentley
Marisol Ferguson
Cindy Kramer
Rhonda Miller
Kevin Sullivan
Ian Tera

4th Grade: Moral Tales
Suzanne Caccione
Christine Major
Anne Marie Sheeley

5th-6th Grade: Sing to the Power
Laura Goodspeed
Aimee Katz
Lizabeth Redfearn
Alex Sehdeva
Liz Suvanto

5th-6th Grade: Our Whole Lives
David Bowen
Bevin McGuire

7th-8th Grade: Neighboring Faiths
Emily Economou
John Economou
Pearl Prince
Brett Redfearn
Pinar Tanrikorur
Ben Unger

7th Grade Our Whole Lives
Al Rocchi
Janet Wafer-White

9th Grade: Coming of Age
Ed Dandridge
Gail Johnston
Andrew Svarre
Hope Tera

Youth Group
Julie Gans
Terri Gomez
Jeanna Munch
Cyndi Tillman
Dan Tillman
Jeff Tomlinson

Special Projects
Martin Alberti
Julie Carran
Jim Cobb
Ingrid Hartmann
Rev. LoraKim Joyner
Catherine Kortlandt
Betty Landauer
Tim Lynch
Bryan Masbak
Rae Messing
John Schwam
Dan Vought
Bice Wilson

RE Support Teams
Marcia Bean
John Cavallero
Melody Cooper
Tara James
Linda Janczewski
Lisa Stelling
Michael Stelling

RE Council
Jeff Blatt
Chris Breault
Pam Cucinell, Chair
Steve Miller
Sofia Pardillo
Al Rocchi
Tom Ryan
Janice Silverberg
Liz Suvanto
Amy Swiss

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