Join the CUC Band!

The CUC Band got started in 2015 May. Rehearsal is on Thursday evenings, 7:30p, in the CUC Sanctuary.

Experienced band director and CUC member Christian Force is leading this move to provide CUC with a contemporary ensemble to bring rock/pop/folk music to CUC. The initial goal is to prepare a few things for summer services.

A possible Sunday afternoon "Contemporary Worship" at CUC is also under consideration and may begin at some point during the 2015-16 year. The band would be a key part of that service.

Any instrument is welcome. Especially needed is a good core of guitar/bass players, vocalists, and percussionists.

Christian can make up/write out parts on the fly as needed. Guitar, flute, tuba, and bongo? We can find a way to make it work!

Join the band! Email Christian Force in advance at force2k1@yahoo.com. At this point, rehearsal is not every Thursday, so contact him to confirm rehearsal dates. Also  mention:
  • What you play? Or, what's your voice part? Or both?
  • What kind of music is most inspirational to you? (Genres or even specific songs.)

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