CUC Bird Walk Report: Sun Nov 23

Bird Walk Report
November 23, 2014

When we feed birds, they teach us their language in gratitude.
And when we understand them, they feed us.

Today we reflected on gratitude and practiced it as we walked through the woods and over creeks.  Much gratitude was given for the calm weather, one another, and the abundant birds on the walk. We didn't have a great variety of species (that we could identify) but there were a lot of birds, including flocks of gulls and sparrows flying over that we couldn't identify.

Our gratitude practice included:
What we are grateful for in our lives
What we are grateful for about birds
What we are grateful for when others do something for another
What we might be grateful for in loss and discomfort
What we might be grateful in the short, cold days of winter
What we are grateful for during our walk this morning

There was great delight in the tree full of mourning doves as we pondered that they are the only group of birds (along with pigeons) that take in water through suction, and not through gravity.

Please join us for our next bird walk, Sunday, December 21st, 2014 - It's solstice!  If there is inclement weather, join one another inside for warm tasty beverages and watching the birds at the feeders.  As usual we will have time for reflection and sharing.


Today’s sightings:
4 Titmouse
33 Mourning doves
4 House Sparrow
3 Black-capped Chickadee
11 European starling
4 Canada Geese
2 White-breasted nuthatch
4  House finch
5 Blue jay
2 Downy woodpecker
2 Cardinals
1 Red-bellied woodpecker

16 gulls

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