Districts to Regions

The Unitarian Universalist Association is re-organizing from "Districts" into much larger "Regions."

Here's a map of the 19 Districts:

The switch from "Districts" to "Regions" involves merging the 19 Districts into just 5 Regions.

Community Unitarian Church at White Plains is in the "Metro New York District," which comprises 52 congregations in New York City, Long Island, southern New York state, the northern 2/3rds of New Jersey, and small chunks of Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

These four districts will merge and become CERG (Central East Regional Group):
  • Metro New York District (which includes CUC)
  • St. Lawrence District (the rest of NY state);
  • Joseph Priestly District (DC, MD, DE, eastern and central PA, southern NJ, northern VA, and northeast WV);
  • Ohio Meadville District (most of OH, most of WV, and western PA)
Here's what the new Region map will look like:

We're a part of CERG, which includes over 200 UU congregations!

CUC is along the eastern edge of CERG, which extends:
  • west to include all of PA and almost all of OH;
  • south to DC, northern VA, and all of WV, MD, DE, and NJ;
  • north to the Canada border, encompassing all of NY.
The New England Region will comprise the Northern New England, Mass Bay, Ballou Channing, and Clara Barton Districts.

The Southern Region will comprise the Florida, Southwest, Mid-South, and Southeast (formerly Thomas Jefferson) Districts.

The MidAmerica Region covers the geography that was previously divided into the Heartland, Central MidWest, and Prairie Star Districts. (These Districts have already dissolved.)

The Pacific Western Region will comprise the Mountain Desert, Pacific Northwest, Pacific Central, and Pacific Southwest Districts.

In the next two years, our District structures will dissolve. CERG staff will consult with and offer trainings and workshops for all congregations in the Region.

Annual or bi-annual "Regional Assemblies" will bring together all the CERG congregations for faith development, enrichment, camaraderie, and learning.

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