A General Vision: Contents

On this website are the "chapters" in a vision for Community Unitarian Church.

1. Pathway to Membership. Describes the pathway TO membership and the pathway OF membership as implemented at the UU Church of Rochester, NY. Includes four videos (between 5 and 11 minutes each).

2. Theme-Based Ministry. The theme-of-the-month isn't very powerful if it's just about sermon topics. When it becomes our guide for SGM (Small Group Ministry), and begins to inform programming throughout the church (RE, interest group meetings, etc.) theme-based ministry is a powerful structure for growth and deepening.

3. Spiritual Practice. What it looks like for each member to be focused on her/his spiritual growth and deepening: choose a "primary" spiritual practice, and ground it in a foundation of five supporting practices.

4. Centered on Process for Growth and Deepening. What it looks like for church leadership to be focused on process for spiritual growth and deepening. Insights (and a lot of data) from Thom S. Rainer and Eric Geiger, Simple Church.

5. Mission: The Gym and the Infirmary. On crafting a mission statement for an institution that is equal parts gymnasium and infirmary.

6. Social Justice Teams. Congregational Social Action suffers from fragmentation and incoherence. We need an approach that is more effective in organizing our energies -- and that makes our social action an integrated aspect of our spiritual growth.

7. Committee On Ministry: The Latham Model. Robert Latham, Moving on from Church Folly Lane, includes a 30-page appendix, "The Committee on Ministry (an Original and Workable Model)." Here's a summary of Latham's model.

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