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Adapt or Die!

Rev. Christine Robinson
Minister, First Unitarian, Albuquerque
I was at the "Defying Gravity: Leadership Day" at Shelter Rock UU Congregation on Sat Nov 9.

Our DRE, Lily Rappaport, as well as Al Rocchi, Nicky Klemens, and Jeff and Denice Tomlinson were also there. We heard a mentor of mine, Rev. Christine Robinson. For me, what she said was an excellent reminder of what I have read her saying before: The world is changing, and the things that made UU attractive one, two, and three generations ago won't work so well with the Gen Xers and the Millenials.

Adapt or die! But what might adapting looking like? Consider Christine's thoughts: CLICK HERE.

It was a fun day! Thanks to Lily, Al, Nicky, Jeff, and Denice for their participation. I'd have liked to have seen a lot more of us at the event. If you didn't make it, I believe you'd have found it a wonderful and energizing way to spend a Saturday.

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