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"Mindfulness Meditation Intensive" Sep 25-26.

"Friday Evening Service" -- a chance to decompress and renew at the end of the work week.

"Child Dedication" offered twice year at CUUC. Here's what it entails.

"CSA at Community UU." Wednesday pick-up of shares from Jun - Nov.


"Journey Groups" The page with links to all the info about our Journey Groups

"CUC RE Class Descriptions" What our young ones are learning about in 2014-15.

"Perry Montrose" -- introducing CUC's new DRE.

"Community Ministers." An introduction to what Community Ministry is -- and CUC's three Community Ministers: Rev. Deb Morra, Rev. Kelly Murphy Mason, and Rev. LoraKim Joyner.

"Districts to Regions." The organizational structure of UUA is in transition. The 19 Districts are being consolidated into 5 Regions.

"Books for a Well-Grounded UU Faith." Hundreds of books have been published about UUs and UUism, and our publishing house produces more every year. Here are my suggestions for the "most basic" 20 books to give you a solid grounding in Unitarian Universalist history and what we're all about today.

"List of Lists." Here are a dozen lists for understanding Unitarian Universalism and our shared congregational life together. Congregational Life. Lists.

"Voices in Unitarian Universalism." Three fascinating anthologies explore what it means to be Buddhist and UU, Christian and UU, and Jewish and UU. Suggested Books.

"Adapt or Die." Unitarian Universalism must adapt or die. But what would adapting look like? Future of UU.

"UU and Christian." Christian and UU? The UU Christian Fellowship has a local chapter that meets monthly. UU Christian Fellowship.

"Westchester United." Westchester United is an interfaith organization working for social justice in Westchester County. Should CUC join? Westchester United.


"People's Climate March Pics!" 66 Pictures from the People's Climate March on 2014 Sep 21, and the CUC participation.

"Passing Seasons" See the seasons change at CUC, week by week.

"How the Spring Came to CUC" From white white to green green.

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